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Message from Representative Director

Our company do planning and development of oral care products including toothbrushes, dental flosser picks and between teeth cleaning brushes.
Diversity is needed in oral care products including toothbrush, and there is a wide variety of products available in the market from general and affordable products to high-priced products specialized in periodontal care or designed for elderly.
However, most markets are occupied by products made by mass production of large companies, and it's hard to say that all products are excellent and valuable.
It seems there are so many choices, but I am wondering if you are looking for a product that has been added new values from conventional products among similar specification products.
Under the circumstances, we have differentiated ourselves from other products on the market by offering affordable and characteristic products that can only be purchased from us, by planning and development private brand products in cooperation mainly with each retail chain store.
Our original brand product, Dentfine series, have been selling well and become popular.
We not only specialize in planning and development of oral care products, but dealing affordable and high-quality import products as well, making contracts with factories in China, Taiwan, Thai and other countries.
It allows us to develop and provide optimal products to suit our customer's needs/wants including price, functions and materials.
We will make further efforts in development of excellent and value-added products that suit customer's needs by taking advantage of the acquired knowledge and creativity and know-how that we have cultivated over the years.
We would be very happy if we could be of help to your white, healthy and strong teeth through our products. We will make further efforts in boosting competitive advantage on the market, responding quickly to environmental change.
We would appreciate your continued support.

On a fine day in 2014
Representative Director Yoshinori Taniguchi


Name of
the representative
Representative Director Yoshinori Taniguchi
Business items Toothbrushes, Dental flosser picks, Between teeth cleaning brushes, etc.
Planning, manufacturing and sales of oral care products
Head office
6-12-3, Fukumanji Town Minami, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0843, Japan
Date of
February 1980
Capital Ten million yen