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お客様のニーズに合わせて歯ブラシ・デンタルフロスピック 歯間ブラシなど、オーラルケア製品の企画・製品化、 オリジナルのブランド製品の製造をトータルにサポートいたします。

We provide high-functioning/quality OEM products full of originality according to various demands of our customers, from planning and development to build-to-order in cooperation with various companies both domestic and overseas.
We offer production support, new product and private brand product development from planning proposal to build-to-order of brush products flexibly, swiftly and surely.

We offer an integrated support of co-development of private brand and new products, from planning, development to productization including logo, package design, etc. making use of our past experience, our product planning, ideas and distribution channels.

We provide our service from mass production to small production under the strict quality control accurately understanding the information such as the added value and the trend according to a wide variety of demands such as small lot, trial product, sample, etc.

We provide full service from planning and development to production of competitive and value-added products at low cost based on the production know-how of high quality products using our original technology.