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This website is operated by CREATE CO., LTD.
We at CREATE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Our company") believe in the strict protection and privacy of personal information. We completely protect and secure all information in order to ensure our client's trust and confidence.
Some instances require us to request personal information through our web service to provide customer service, for just such instances, the following policies exist.
Requests for personal information through our web service may include any information about an individual which can identify the specific individual by name, email address, or phone number, etc.
At this web site, when we obtain personal information from customers, we indicate the purpose of use and we will not use it other than the indicated purpose.
We do not disclose or provide any personal information to third parties without consent of the customer. However, we may provide personal information to third parties in the following situation such as;
  • ○When we obtain the consent from the customer.
  • ○When we disclose in the situation we cannot identify an individual customer.
  • ○When we request our contractors to handle the personal information for the purpose of smooth business operation, etc.
    (We select the contractors which have sufficient level of protection and implement appropriate management.)
  • ○When it is necessary to cooperate with a national or local government, or when we are required by law or by the courts to provide the personal information for the performance of a task carried out.
  • ○When the disclosure or provision is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent from the customer.

For these cases, only the minimal necessary information will be provided, and privacy contracts are in place to assure the protection of any information we provide to our subsidiaries or partner companies.

e continue to review and update our privacy policy in accordance to any laws and restrictions that may apply.
Any revisions or corrections to the above-mentioned privacy policy on this web site will be posted on this page.
Any individual references to our privacy policy on other pages of this site will be given priority to what has been stated here.
Legal Regulations
This policy is in guidance with the legal requirements and regulations of Japan.

If you have any questions concerning your personal information you provided, or if you wish to review, correct, or delete the content, please contact us on the below phone number.

CREATE CO., LTD. TEL: 072-928-8210
Accepted from 10:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)