Our service is to bring you more
smile and health

40 years ago, we started our business in Osaka Yao, concentrating on the development of a product called “3pcs set individual packaging anti-bacterial toothbrush”, which was sold only to convenience store at that time. Due to the fact that people are thinking oral care as a more and more important thing, besides toothbrushes, we also worked on the dental flosses, interdental brushes, to try our best to serve customers better design and higher functionality. We made every kind of product with a view to the future Always put the motto “Create something” from our pioneers on mind, continuing to issue better new oral care products to give out more smile and health.


As the specialist of oral care product, we can give a better proposal and make it into product efficiently.

As an oral care product specialist , we listen to customers’ voices, proceed the manufacturing process according to their requests. If needed, we can also help to analyze users’ needs and market conditions, assisting customers to decide their final proposals. No matter the quantity of orders, we value every detail of customers’ needs, and guarantee efficiency and quality at the same time. From the first proposal to final product, CREATE is entirely at your service.


Philosophy is in every product of CREATE

The “from zero to product” system of CREATE gives a support to high quality and functionality.

Dentfine series, and products developed for meeting various needs like Dental Prestige series, Smart - in interdental brushes, Dental Flosses,Tougue brushes,made a lineup of CREATE products for fans to enjoy. To help avoid the throat hurt accident(with toothbrush),we made “Dentfine toothbrush for children”,whose neck part is soft and can be bended flexibly.“Dentfine Junior” series include three kinds of products, designed for children at different ages.



“Cosmetics × Oral care” is sparked
by meeting a dentist

The revolutionary product “Cobrush”,which can give solution to both oral and cosmetic care, is made from a cooperation of Dentist Watanabe hideki and CREATE. From a lot of behind-of-the scenes stories of product development like Size of the ball attached to the toothbrush, shape of the handle, to cobrush’s entrance into the beauty market, and the cooperation with Japan No.1 beauty cosmetics magazine (for women), you can find the growth trace of COBRUSH here.